Status research and book.

My book has received an official title and ISBN now!

-- 600+ pages
-- 500+ photos
-- Expected date of publication: 1-12-2015
-- ISBN: 978-90-9029134-5

I made good progress in the book project but had some delay as a result of spending time finding a new job. I wrote more than 700 pages now. Later this year these 700 pages will be summarized a bit. New information on the website: a list with units which were positioned in the frontline close to 19. Panzer-Division (1941-1943) and a list with other units which were one or more days subordinate to 19.Panzer-Division.

Last months I did a lot of writing. I have written about 400 pages DIN A4 now (font size 9 pnt!). I have selected 795 photos,
maps and documents for my book. The big question now is if I should write 1 big book or 2 separate volumes.
I still have the goal to publish in the first half of 2014.
In May/June I made a trip to Russia. This was very special to me. I visited some places where 19.PzDiv was at the front in Q4 1941.
I want to say thanks my Russian friends for supporting me during this trip.
I also have updated this website with the following information:
- List with names: + 3500 names (!)

I am still doing a lot of research. At the same time I try to spend as much time as possible for writing. I already have selected 387 photos and documents that will be published in my book. I have written about 250 pages DIN A4. It will be a thick book. Some milestones of the past period:
• NARA archive request completed;
• Collection photos and documents Aufklärungs Abteilung 19 found, scanned and processed;
• Collection photos and documents Panzerjäger Abteilung 19 found, scanned and processed;
• I scanned and processed a large collection of photos and documents of Panzer Pioneer Battalion 19;
• Archive research in Russia (TsAMO) started;
• Some WASt (Deutsche Dienststelle, Berlin) requests completed;
• Translation of some important letters and diaries written in old German (Sütterlin) completed;
• More than 100 pages (A4 size) written; I also have planned a trip to Russia. In about a few months I will visit some places where
19. Panzer-Division was holding the front line.
A small example of the photos and documents which I will publish in my book is shown below.

I also have updated this website with the following changes:
• List with DKiG Träger Aufklärungs Abteilung 19;
• List with RK Träger Panzerjäger Abteilung 19;
• List with DKiG Träger Panzer Regiment 27.


Last months I drove two times to Germany to collect and scan some new information. I also found a few more veterans.
I was lucky to find some photos about the time period 1944-1945. The reseach work still goes on.
Although it is a lot of work, it is very nice work to do. I want to say THANKS to all the people who contributed to my research so far.
People from Russia, Poland, German and other countries. Your help is indispensable!
I also have updated this website with the following changes:
• List with names: + 270 names;
• List with Ritterkreuzträger (Panzer) Pionier Bataillon 19;
• List with Kommandeure and Führer (Panzer) Pionier Bataillon 19;
• List with “Information wanted”;
• Little correction on Battle calendar;
• Lists with Places with actions for the years 1942, 1943, 1944 and 1945;

Last weeks I have put a lot of time in finding and organizing documents from archives. I also put a lot of time in my information database.
In this database I collect a lot of information, like number of tanks, number of soldiers.
The information in this database can for example be used for making charts. This website update contains also some charts.
I also worked on some new chapters. I have written about 60 pages DIN A4 now. Together with other information like charts and photos
the book is about 100 pages in total now. I also have updated this website with the following changes:
• List with names: + 60 namen;
• List with Ritterkreuzträger Schützen-Regiment 74 and Panzergrenadier Regiment 74;
• List with Kommandeure and Führer (Panzer) Artillerie Regiment 19;
• List with Träger des Deutschen Kreuzes in Gold (Panzer) Artillerie Regiment 19;
• List with Träger des Deutschen Kreuzes in Gold Schützen-Regiment 74 and Panzergrenadier-Regiment 74;
• List with Träger des Deutschen Kreuzes in Gold Panzerjäger Abteilung 19;
• Chart development number leichte Feldhaubitze 18 (Panzer) Artillerie Regiment 19 1941-1943;
• Chart development number of PzKpfw IV 1943-07 t/m 1943-12;
• Chart development Verpflegungsstärke 1941-1945;
• Table about the organization of kompanies in Panzer Regiment 27;
• Table with development number of tanks Panzer Regiment 27;
• New Photogallery.


I have bought software to support the research activities. The program Scrivener for Windows (
is a very handy tool for writing the chapters. I also bought the program Zoner Photo Studio Pro (
for cataloging all my documents. With Photo Studio Pro it is possible to label documents with keywords. After the labeling it is possible to search
through the catalog using multiple filters with the keywords. With a few mouseclicks I am able to search on the specific tank number, on a specific
unit, a weather condition, a certain activity etc etc

A few weeks ago I start writing. The first chapters are ready in draft version.

I also have updated this website with the following changes:
• List with names: + 175 names;
• List with Ritterkreuzträger Schützen-Regiment 73 and Panzergrenadier Regiment 73;
• List with Ritterkreuzträger Panzer-Regiment 27;
• List with Kommandeure and Führer 19. Panzer-Division;
• List with Kommandeure and Führer Panzer-Regiment 27;
• List with Kommandeure and Führer Schützen-Regiment 73 and Panzergrenadier-Regiment 73;
• List with Kommandeure and Führer Schützen-Regiment 74 and Panzergrenadier-Regiment 74;
• List with Unterstellung 1941-1942;
• List with places where 19. Panzer-Division was to be found in 1941;
• Link to

I planned to write more chapters in draft the coming weeks. Although I am very satisfied with the status of my research and what
I know already I also have to say that I did not expect to find such a lot of information about 19. Panzer-Division.
Thanks to the way I structure my work it has not become an “information overload”. But all this information has to be read and that consumes a lot of time.
So it could be that this will influence my planning in some way. But I don’t have a problem with that.
Not to forget to mention: I also found a video about 19. Panzer-Division. About 50 minutes long, all 1941. Some parts are in color.

I created a Battle calendar of 19. Panzer-Division, a short version is on this website.
The first version of the list with names of soldiers from 19. Panzer-Division was placed. Of course this list is limited and has still some errors.
I am still waiting for documents from the archive. There is a delay of 1 month.
I got in contact with a Russian who lives in Moscow. He gave me some recent pictures of places where the 19. Panzer-Division fought.


In about a few weeks I will start writing the first chapters. I want to write a big part of the book in the winter months.
At this moment I am waiting for some documents from an archive. I also am in contact with a family of a veteran.
They want to contribute to the book, which is very nice. Only in this way it is possible to create a unique book.
The next months I also will spend many hours of interviews because research also leads to questions for which answers must be sought.
The past months I also have created a list of names with veterans who served with 19. Panzer Division.
At this moment the list contains ca. 1560 names and there are more to come. In the near future this list will be put on the website.

In the end of June, I visited Hannover and a place near Kiel in Germany. There I interviewed three veterans.
In Hannover, I visited several memorials of units of the 19. Panzer-Division.
In August, I visited the BAMA in Freiburg. I found several documents that I can use for my book project.

At the memorial of Infanterie- and Panzergrenadier-Regiment 73 in Hannover.

In the period February to May I have concentrated on collecting information on the 19. Panzer-Division. With good results. Many people supported me.
These people I am very grateful.
Furthermore, I digitized most of the information. This was a time consuming task.
Also I have established contacts with some surviving veterans of the 19. Panzer-Division. Most of them are willing to assist me in my research.
I am very grateful for this, especially given the age of these people.
Although the collection of information continues now the time has arrived for the phase in which analysis and reconstruction takes place.
Think of comparing information from various sources such as photos or placing photos in a timeline. In addition, data analysis takes place.
This data analysis often results in new questions for which answers will be sought.
I hope to close this phase of (data) analysis after the summer 2011. The book is expected to be released in 2012.