In my book you will find several characters. They will tell the story of the 19. Panzer-Division together with me.
All characters are veterans of units from the 19. Panzer Division. All characters contribute to the story in different ways.
For example, there is a veteran (Wilhelm) who tells his story by means of his diary.
Other characters tell their story by the photos they made, or by the letters they wrote. There are also characters who tell their story via interviews.

This is Wilhelm, a Funker. He served with the Kradschützenkompanie 19.
He is one of the characters in my book.

This is Heinrich, another character in my book. He served with Panzer Regiment 27.

This is Friedrich, a Funker in the
Kradschützenkompanie 19
and the Artillerie Regiment 19.

Here is Johan, a Funker. He served with the
Panzer Regiment 27. He is also a character in my book.

This is Giselher. He served with the Panzerjäger Abteilung 19.

This is Adolf. He served with Panzergrenadier Regiment 73.
He survived the war and died in 2010.